Re: RARA-AVIS: Heirs of Selby

From: Scott Owen (
Date: 10 Jul 2002

>Can I take an opportunity to suggest another would-be hipster, who touches
>on hb at least as much as the similarly untalented but less prolific B. E.
>Ellis, William Vollman? I can understand, if not yet agree with, the
>arguments of those who find little value in Don DeLillo's writings, another
>edge-of-hb guy; I can find no reason to do other than revile Vollman's
>Even when he has a promising topic or passage, he will find a way to flaunt
>his lack of talent and taste soon enough.
>Otherwise, there's always Avallone. TM

My first introduction to William Vollman was through WHORES FOR GLORIA. I enjoyed the versimilitude of the San Francisco Tenderlion setting. But damn near everything else I've read by him has been complete and total crap that cries out for an editor. Cut out 75% of the text and there may be something good in the residual, but I'm not betting on it.


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