RARA-AVIS: OT: Another Comment on Mainwaring

From: Reed Andrus ( rsandrus@swbell.net)
Date: 07 Jul 2002

Hi Rene:

I'll address this to you since I believe you opened the thread about Mainwaring's involvment with Don Siegel's Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This is OT, so I'll just offer it up and then let someone shoot it in the gut and watch it die slowly and horribly.

Back in 1982, film buff Bill Warren brought out the first of two excellent compilations of 50s science fiction films entitled Keep Watching the Skies. There are some great nuggets of information included in his (mostly) recounting of plots. Here is what he had to say about Daniel Mainwaring (from Vol. 1, pp. 285-286):

"Daniel Mainwaring, who also writes as Geoffrey Homes, is mostly mediocre as a movie writer. In a career which extends back to at least the early 1940s, only a few of his pictures have been notable. Most were minor or hackwork. Big Town (1947), Tokyo Rose (1945), Roughshod (1949), Powder River (1953), Alaska Seas (1954), An Annapolis Story (1955), The Minotaur
(1961), Revolt of the Slaves (also 1961) -- titles like these make up the bulk of Mainwaring's screen work. His other science fiction films, Space Master X-7 (1958) and Atlantis, The Lost Continent
(1961), are hardly classics. For the most part, Mainwaring's best films were written for Don Siegel, such as Baby Face Nelson (1957). It's no wonder that much of the dialogue in Invasion of the Body Snatchers that doesn't come from Finney's novel is rather lame or ordinary."

Warren also recounts a minor controversy over a week's worth of script polishing claimed by Sam Peckinpah. Siegel denies the claim. Warren believes that Peckinpah actually did provide the re-writes, but that Siegel's subsequent memories of his friendship with Mainwaring have overridden that occurrence.

Next time I'll try to contribute something that's on topic.

Best regards,

... Reed

> From: "Rene Ribic" < rribic@optusnet.com.au>
> Subject: Re: RARA-AVIS: Geoffrey Homes/Daniel Mainwaring
> >
> > some time ago, getting there from Don Siegel's films, I collected all
> the
> > information I could get about Mainwaring (the real name), the
> collection can
> > still be found at
> >
> http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Movie/1967/knoererkompass-donsiegel-m
> ainw
> > aring.html - it's in a strange mixture of German and English, though.
> There
> > is a long and possibly complete list of his books and movies there,
> plus two
> > quotes:
> >
> Thanks Ekkehard. Mainwaring may not have written many classic novels but
> it looks like he's been involved in several excellent films.
> Rene

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