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From: Kate Derie ( katederie@mac.com)
Date: 07 Jul 2002

Well, as long as we're speculating, I've always thought that Nameless's name was "really" Bill Pronzini. The series is written in first person, after all. While Bill is too unpretentious to actually use his own name for the character (unlike Kinky Friedman), it's been implied on one or two occasions, and now I think he's finally giving Nameless a name.

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> Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 21:09:40 EDT
> From: PanThermyt@aol.com
> Subject: RARA-AVIS: Bill Pronzini
> I just finished "Bleeders", the new "Nameless Detective" book and I had a
> question I hoped one of you might answer. The book is dedicated "For Bill
> Pronzini Without whom this series would never have been written". My first
> thought was that this book was written by someone else and attributed to
> Pronzinin, the same way they handled V. C. Andrews, but as far as I know,
> Bill Pronzini is still alive. Next I thought that Mr. Pronzini might have the
> same name as his father, but wouldn't he then say "To my father, Bill
> Pronzini"? Can it be that he is dedicating the book to himself? Does this
> happen often?

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