Re: RARA-AVIS: re:Eastwood movies

From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 05 Jul 2002

Carrie Pruett wrote:

> Terrill wrote:
> >Hey, you could be right about everything and I may eat my words. I >just
> >think t's best not to jump the gun and speculate on these things. [box
> >office receipts]
> damn, Terrill, you wanna put Entertainment Weekly out of business, that's
> all they ever do :). just to be clear, i like Clint and I like both the
> Connelly and Lehane books, I'm just not very optimistic about hollywood
> adaptations in general.

I'm with you there, but I was actually talking about the speculation on the quality of a movie before one has seen it personally (or before it has even started filming), NOT what the box office receipts will eventually yield. When I was a teenager I used to track box office, but I outgrew that quickly. I'm still shocked that many years later the rest of the country fell in love with that sport. It is so meaningless when it comes to the discussion of whether a movie is any good or not. And you're right, magazines like Entertainment Weekly have made this the new conversation piece for the gang at the water cooler. That's an upside down set of values if ever there was one, and probably a contributing factor to the diminishing quality of films in general.

Despite the fact that film adaptions are often atrocious, I'm usually optimistic when a book I love is turned into a movie. If the movie fails, it doesn't ruin my appreciation of the book. And often a movie can fall short of a book and still be very good in its own right. WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN, the adaption of Robert Stone's DOG SOLDIERS, is a good example of this. I like the movie a great deal, but the book is even better. I'm still glad they made the film.


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