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From: MatCoward@aol.com
Date: 04 Jul 2002

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<< My first and only crime short story came out in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery
 Magazine in 1980. It was set in a cowboy amusement park in Oklahoma, and I
 wrote it with dialect, but no more pervasive than the occasional "ya" (for
 "you"), "ya'll" (for "you all"), a frequent omission of the "g" from "-ing"
 words, and some deliberately bad grammar to attempt capture of the
 vernacular of the people I wrote about. AHMM's copy editor fixed it all up
 so that it read less like Jesse James and more like Henry James. We are not
 amused. >>

My first story in AHMM contained the line "[She was] quite a bit younger than him." This was changed to "quite a bit younger than he." I still haven't stopped laughing - the idea of anyone in Britain saying that is hilarious; but Americans are much keener on "correct" dialogue than us is.
- Mat C
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