Re: RARA-AVIS: Mystic River movie

From: Terrill Lankford (
Date: 02 Jul 2002

Carrie Pruett wrote:

> well this is weird and interesting - I was wondering how Clint Eastwood was
> going to work himself into "Mystic River." Apparently HE is going to play
> the homicide cop who is investigating the murder, who is apparently NOT Sean
> Devine (Sean Penn is apparently set to play Jimmy with Kevin Bacon likely as
> Sean), and it looks like a completely new character is being created for
> Lawrence Fishburne. Well, we'll see if this gets made, because my guess is
> that "Blood Work" is going to bomb (the trailer looks terrible and Eastwood
> is not the box office draw he used to be). I can see it now, the movie is
> going to be all Clint and Larry working the case with like 10 minutes of
> screentime for Sean, Jimmy, and Dave written completely out of the story.
> ah, hollywood.

Wow, they haven't even struck the answer print for BLOOD WORK yet and you've already managed to write it and MYSTIC RIVER off as duds. You must have a great crystal ball.

Whether BW bombs or not (and I'm betting it won't), it will have little to do with MYSTIC RIVER getting made. If Clint wants to do something, Warner's will let him do it. As long as he's drawing breath he'll retain the autonomy he has enjoyed for 30 years or so. He's his own Hollywood.


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