RARA-AVIS: Mystery (un)Scene

From: Bill Bowers ( BBowers@one.net)
Date: 26 Jun 2002

A while back I referenced Ed Gorman's magazine, Mystery Scene. An avian contacted me off-list as to contact info fopr it, and, with my usual breakneck speed, I was working on that.... The magazine has had more homepages than I can recall over the past several years; the latest was supposed to be on the Horror World site -


but it never actually appeared.

Then, a week ago, on another (non-mystery) List, I read:

>The news is out that Ed Gorman has sold MYSTERY SCENE to Kate Stine (former
>editor of THE ARMCHAIR DETECTIVE) and her husband Brian.

Do any of the Well-Informed avians know anything more about this? (Such as if #74 was the last Gorman issue, or if there'll be a transitional issue?)

Sad news, though, no matter what the replacement proves to be.

[What the mystery 'field' needs is the equivalent of LocusOnline. There are many fine sites out there -- several of which are lovingly maintained by some of you, but AFAIK there is not a one-stop site where someone not privy to the inner circles can find out news such as this.... Or does it exist, and I just haven't passed the Initiation yet?]

One thing that _did_ show up on Horror World though, was a column (dated April) by Gorman, which starts:

>Lawrence Block is editing a series of anthologies featuring the first
>published stories by a long list of crime stories. Shots, the books are
>called. He was nice enough to ask me into the second volume but I
>hesitated to send him my first story. And explained why. And after I
>explained why, he said that even if I didn't send him the story, I had to
>write up the story behind it. So here for the sake of posterity...

[ http://pluto.spaceports.com/~mot/gorman.htm ]

A fun read, and if not exactly h-b, well, it ain't 'media'...!

Bill Bowers

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