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From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 26 Jun 2002

In a message dated 6/26/2002 Bill Crider writes:

 I was wondering when someone was going to mention that. The
 guy is full of opinions, all right. I'm reminded of my
 favorite line from a recent Robert B. Parker novel, "She was
 often wrong, but never uncertain." >>

As with Mr. T's acknowledgement on the "innocent of literature" remark, the
"often wrong, but never uncertain" line resonates strongly with me but I can't pin down where I read it or something very, very similar before. It certainly predates any recent Parker novel.

And Bill, I actually only have a few of the Coxeman novels. Back when we were corresponding, I asked Avallone (who sent me a book or two) if he had a spare copy of THE CUNNING LINGUIST. He did not but sent me a copy of KEEP IT UP, ROD, which he believed was a superior example of his Troy Conway novels. LINGUIST became one of my holy grails of collecting which I finally found earlier this year.

Alas, I have been unable to read it even for the Avallonisms. It's that bad.
 However, I have discovered that if I leave it out in the open, it is a great conversation starter.

Richard Moore

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