RARA-AVIS: RE: Donald Hamilton article

From: Dick Lochte ( dlochte@adelphia.net)
Date: 25 Jun 2002

Though I agree with the essay's basic theme -- that Hamilton's work is worthy of notice and respect -- IMO the essayist dulls the point by overwriting, by confusing literary characters with actors, by extraneous misinformation and by passing off his screwball opinion as fact. What pisses me off the most is his absurd, backhanded treatment of the late Dorothy B. Hughes, whom he identifies as "the dreadful Dorothy B. Hughes," without any indication of why he finds her dreadful. Later on, he describes her, with distain, as a writer of women in jeopardy novels. Her most famous books, "In A Lonely Place," "Ride the Pink Horse," and
"The Fallen Sparrow," all have male protagonists and in at least one of them, the woman is the villain. Her series character is Inspector Tobin. And what the hell is Dorothy B. Hughes doing in a Hamilton essay in the first place? Likewise, what does his statement about John Wayne's dodging the draft (a dubious factoid at best) have to do with the like and times of Matt Helm?

Hamilton deserves a better defender, if, indeed, he needs one.

Dick Lochte

> If you like Hamilton, you might be interested in the long
> essay found here:
> http://www.jottings.ca/john/thriller_writ1.html
> Bill Crider

Thanks, Bill. Looks interesting - the fella shore has read hisself a lot of books.


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