RARA-AVIS: Titles--favorite and not so favorite

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Date: 24 Jun 2002

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 Since we are descending to levels hitherto unknown in this
 austere forum, how about some of Mike Avallone's titles?
 Also, I think westerns have mysteries licked when it comes
 to truly rancid titles.

My favorite Avallone title (and the competition is stiff for that honor) is THE CUNNING LINGUIST.

Like others I love the Willeford titles and KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE is a particular favorite.

Here are a few others I don't believe have been mentioned: ONE TEAR FOR MY GRAVE by Mike Roscoe who also wrote SLICE OF HELL. William R. Cox had a Gold Medal called MAKE MY COFFIN STRONG. I like the Roscoe titles but the Cox title doesn't do anything for me. All of them are trying to express a Spillane-like attitude and within that framework, some do it for me and others don't.

I rather like NO HEAD FOR HER PILLOW by Sam S. Taylor (1952) and THE GIRL FROM EASY STREET by Richard Foster (1952). STONE COLD BLONDE by Adam Knight is another one that has a nice sound to it.

I do not like BIER FOR A CHASER (1959) also by Foster (Kendell Foster Crossen) as it strains so hard to be cute.

Richard Moore

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