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Date: 24 Jun 2002


Re your question below:

> one of the things i found interesting was that i
> thought hammett wrote five novels: DAIN CURSE,
> i see another one mentioned, BLOOD MONEY, aka BIG
> KNOCKOVER. don't know why that one escaped me for
> so long.

The novel BLOOD MONEY, like the other two Continental Op novels RED HARVEST & THE DAIN CURSE, was composed by putting together some related short stories into a single book, what William DeAndrea called a "fix-up" in his ENCYCLOPEDIA MYSTERIOSA.

BLOOD MONEY consisted of only two short stories, rather than four like HARVEST and CURSE. The short stories were "The Big Knockover" and "$106,000 Blood Money." Though BLOOD MONEY (or its two semi-autonomous installments) made its magazine appearance before any other Hammett novel, it wasn't published as a separate novel until the '40s. The two stories are included in the Hellman-edited short story collection THE BIG KNOCKOVER, so all you have to do id find that collection and read the last two stories back to back and you'll have read BLOOD MONEY.

Because BLOOD MONEY consisted on only two installments rather than four or five (like Hammett's other novels), it's very short, no more than 40,000 words. Also, when it was finally published as a novel, it was not by a prestige press like Knopf. That, and the fact that the two installments are included in the Hellman-edited collection (one of them is the title story), has kept BLOOD MONEY from being generally included in the roster of Hammett novels.

Curiously, in a legal settlement between the estate of Hellman, and the heirs of Hammett, the Hellman estate retained control of the novels, and Hammett's heirs to the short stories. BLOOD MONEY was regarded as two short stories, rather than as a novel for the purposes of this setllement.


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