RARA-AVIS: JMT Miller/Artie Weatherby

From: Mark Sullivan ( DJ-Anonyme@webtv.net)
Date: 21 Jun 2002

I was in a bookstore yesterday and picked up used copies of Killing Paparazzi, the latest Nina Zero and Perhaps She'll Die, by John B Spencer.

I also saw Hellbent for (on?) Homicide by Gary Lovisi. Is it any good?

Finally, I saw a book, The Big Lie by JMT Miller. The back jacket copy said the 1994 was the first in a series about private eye Artie Weatherby. However, I read two books of his from the late '80s (with blurbs by Ellroy). These were acknowledged in the author's bio on the inside. However, this seemed to be a born again series (although I don't think there were any later additions) after the author, and presumably the detective, found Christ (had someone filed a missing person's report on him?). And it's published by the Christian book company Thomas Nelson. So I'm guessing it is heavily steeped in Christian dogma, especially since the case involves saving someone from a New Age cult. Someone was asking about Christian PIs recently. This seems to fill the bill. My question, though, is how good is the book? I enjoyed the earlier two. Is this up to the same standards? Anyone know?


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