RARA-AVIS: word of the day

From: Buzz ( BuzzMeeks@attbi.com)
Date: 18 Jun 2002

I found this in my email this morning. Thought I'd pass it along,


Word of the Day for Wednesday June 18, 2002:

   rara avis \RARE-uh-AY-vis\, noun
   plural rara avises \RARE-uh-AY-vuh-suhz\ or rarae aves
   A rare or unique person or thing.

     He was, after all, that rara avis, a Jewish Catholic priest
     with a wife and children.
     --Jeremy Sams, "Lorenzo the magnificent," [1]Independent,
     May 16, 2000

         Rara avis. You'd have to go far and wide to find someone
     like that, especially in these times.
     --Andrew Holleran, In September, the Light Changes
    Rara avis is Latin for "rare bird."

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