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Date: 13 Jun 2002

carrie said: There is absolutely nothing cozy about Robinson, and if you want to make a cozy/hardboiled dichotomy - ie, put every mystery in the universe into one of or the other, he's hard-boiled. The first half of "Cold is the Grave," particularly, seems heavily indebted to American HB fiction. However, I tend to make a category for a school of British psychological suspense/police procedurals (Robinson actually lives in Canada but he was born in Britain and his series novels at least are set there) that is not in

the least cozy but doesn't really come out of HB or noir either........ And, by the way, "Cold is the Grave" is an excellent book, although it's worth reading at least the previous entry in the series ("In a Dry Season") for a few important plot and character points.


thanks, carrie. i know that sorting cozy/hardboiled is overly simplistic. back before i joined the group, i knew that mysteries came in different flavors, but i hadn't really put them into categories. i knew that agatha christie wasn't for me, but that didn't keep me from having to labor my way thru a p.d. james. i'm not saying james is bad, just not for me.

anyway, i don't make enough money to make the mistake of buying books that aren't remotely something that i would like.

so thanks again for the heads up.

to rene: darn it! thought i had rabe's _box_ bought thru abebooks, but they called me up and told me they couldn't locate it. i was wondering if _kill the boss goodbye_ is a good one. i notice it was recently reprinted by black lizard.

to everyone: i DO have my first derek raymond coming in here soon. some long title about dying with his eyes open. it got some hot reviews here in the group, along with the dora suarez
(sp?) one. i promised myself that i wouldn't buy anymore books until i beat down the tbr shelf a bit, but i'm a backsliding fool. as soon as i can get rabe's _box_ and daly's _snarl of the beast_, i promise to restrain myself.


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