RARA-AVIS: The mystery of the Six Silver Handles & others

From: Peedie Monk ( peediemonk@ukonline.co.uk)
Date: 13 Jun 2002

I just got a copy of Geoffrey Homes's Six Silver Handles. Unfortunately my copy was published by Cherry Tree. Which means: The front cover supplies only the title and author and tells me that "This is the 229th Cherry Tree book". The inside front cover has a full page advert for Pelmanism
("Remember - Everything you do is preceded by your attitude if mind"). The back cover has an advert for "delicious Ovaltine, the cup that cheers - invigorates and sustains, builds up health and vitality." And the inside back cover is an advert for Colgate brushless shave cream ("Try it for yourself. Wet your face. Spread on some Colgate Brushless. Then shave!"). All of which is very nice I'm sure, but I'd like to know what the book's about (the merest indication would suffice) and how it compares to BUILD MY GALLOWS HIGH. In fact, are any of Homes's books up to that dizzyingly high standard? Any help appreciated.

Other recent acquisitions for which any opinions welcome: Gil Brewer THE RED SCARF Norbert Fagan THE CROOKED MILE Richard Wormser DRIVE EAST ON 66 Vin Packer THREE-DAY TERROR Vin Packer THE GIRL ON THE BEST SELLER LIST William McGivern ROGUE COP Day Keene PASSAGE TO SAMOA James McKimmey A CIRCLE IN THE WATER Robert Colby THE CAPTAIN MUST DIE David Goodis NIGHT SQUAD I also received an advance copy of Dorothy Hughes's RIDE THE PINK HORSE which is being reprinted in Britain in August (I think).


Al Guthrie

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