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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 12 Jun 2002

Mark wrote:

> I just got back from one of my favorite used bookstores. I picked up:
> Bondi Blues by John Baxter -- Stuart Coupe (whoever he is) wrote two
> blurbs: "Hardboiled as all hell . . . and sometimes really funny" and
> "The talk is that Bondi Blues will set new standards for the
> crime novel. The talk is right." Well, this came out in 1993. Did
> I know next to nothing about Australian cime novels, just Peter Corris
> and a Mask Noir title, "Dark Angel."

Unfortunately I'm probably no more (& quite possibly less) au fait with Aussie crime novels than you are but I personally would not take his opinions too seriously - especially re: Aust crime fiction of that era. Coupe was the editor of a sem-pro zine then that received almost all of its advertising revenue (& possibly other finance) from Australian publishers. To paraphrase Mae West, he never met an Aussie crime novel that he didn't like. Conflict of interest is the phrase that comes to mind. Having said that, I have no reason to believe that the Baxter book is not a good one - I just wouldn't take Coupe's word for it (or anything else but now where headed into personal territory). I am curious as towhat you thought of DARK ANGEL, (by John Dale?)
 Mark, - what little I know of this one makes it sound very interesting. What did you think of that one? I'd also be curious as to your reaction to BONDI BLUES - your opinion (& that of the other rare-birds) I do respect. (On a side note, Bondi is the suburb I mostly grew up in & I still live only about 2-3 miles away).


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