RARA-AVIS: Hammett's "First"

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Date: 09 Jun 2002

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 Didn't "The Parthian Shot" in SMART SET pre-date this
 by a month? I think 10 STORY BOOK published Hammett's
 *second* story. Right or wrong?

George, you are certainly right as to cover date in that "The Parthian Shot" appeared in the October 1922 issue of "The Smart Set." I checked William F. Nolan's biography. The source for my "10 Story Book" comment references Laymon but is either wrong or referring to something other than cover date, such as date of sale. I threw in the comment because the linking of Hammett with Harry Stephen Keeler was funny and called the bit of fluff in the November 1922 issue of "10 Story Book" a "story" to excite the completists.

Richard Moore

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