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> Must stop, interested to hear back from anyone, and I am chasing an
>, and sites for no exit and the do not press are worth
> looking at. Anyone wanna name more UK authors I would love them too - I
> already missed out one suggested Irish author because of my own poor

Russell James. IMO this man defines modern UK noir. Personal favourites are "Slaughter Music" and "Payback".

Gerald Kersh. IMO This man defines older UK noir. The big two are "Night and the City" and "Prelude to a Certain Midnight". Also a terrific short story writer.

Robert Wilson. His first four novels, set in West Africa and featuring Bruce Medway, are brilliant.

Peter Turnbull. Superb police procedurals.

I K Watson. Ex-policeman. "Manor" is an excellent gangland struggle novel.
"Cops and Other Robbers" is an equally excellent police procedural/thriller.

James Hadley Chase. Complete hack who wrote (some argue that his best friend Graham Greene was a big help) two novels I would recommend reading.
"No Orchids For Miss Blandish" and "The Dead Stay Dumb." The former is variously described in "Tough Guy Writers of the Thirties" as "ridiculous",
"utterly obscene", "frighteningly sadistic", "makes Mickey Spillane seem a very reticent, old-maidish type." The latter features Dillon, the most unpleasant protagonist I can think of.

Charles Higson. Probably best known to UK rara-avians as co-writer and actor in "The Fast Show". He's also a crime novelist fitting somewhere between Leonard and Hiaasen. Recommended: "Full Whack", "King of the Ants" and "Happy Now".

Being Scottish I have to single out a few of my fellow countrymen/-women. Ian Rankin, Denise Mina and Carol Anne Davis have already been mentioned. I'll add to these:

Philip Kerr. The trilogy "Berlin Noir" is superb.

Jimmy Boyle. "Hero of the Underworld". Scotland's Malcolm Braly.

William McIlvanney. Incisive social observer. "Laidlaw" and "The Papers of Tony Veitch" both won CWA awards.

Val McDermid. Thomas Harris fans will like "The Mermaids Singing" and "The Wire In The Blood."

Christopher Brookmyre. Dark and colloquial, but not sinister and tough
(noirboiled? hardnoir?). Very black humour. Recommended: "Not the End of the World" and "One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night."

Douglas Lindsay. Similar to Brookmyre, but takes himself less seriously.
"The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson" is about an innocent barber from Patrick who is suspected of being a serial killer.

Al Guthrie

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