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Date: 07 Jun 2002

>BobT wrote:
><Heck, that half broke neon Miller Beer sign buzzing in the front window
>of my
>corner bar is a more interesting character than Pat Chambers.>

I had a lot of fun with Pat in the neo-Hammer TV movie I wrote for CBS back in 95, COME DIE WITH ME. in that version, Pat is former Army buddies with Mike, in fact his Sergeant, both having served in the war in Panama. what made the character fun was that Chambers was a woman played by Darlanne Fluegel. Mike was essayed by SILK STALKINGS' Rob Estes.

thought I'd share part of a scene that takes place on that ubiquitous genre movie set: a gun range...

Pat squints down the 6 inch barrel of a Colt Python .44 Magnum. Mike fisheyes her choice of ordnance.

MIKE: I thought cops issued that foreign configuration- 9 mil.

PAT: They do. This is my back up piece.

BLAM. BLAM. The cannon ROARS.

MIKE: 14 rounds in your automatic and you carry that flame thrower for back up???

PAT: I don't like to lose, Mike. This is Miami- 9mm Capitol of the World. They got more Uzis here than Israel.

BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. BLAM. She reloads...

MIKE: Uzi schmoozi. One cutting word from Betsy and the argument's over.

Betsy speaks: BLAM!!!

PAT: Yeah, sure. Maybe if you hit 'em right between the eyes.

MIKE (laughing): Heck no. I just graze 'em with this, they go down.

He squeezes off a few more. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

PAT: You wish. Remember back in Panama- that guy took 16 rounds in the chest, kept coming.

MIKE: I saw another guy there get half his head taken off by shrapnel, get up, kill 3 other guys before he realized he was dead.

BLAM. BLAM. Mike ejects his spent clip. Pat looks a little wistful.

PAT: Those were the days, weren't they, Mike?

MIKE: Those were the days.

John Lau

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