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From: Rene Ribic (
Date: 06 Jun 2002

> Does any know of a mystery novel where the protagonist is
> the bulk of characters are twenty to thirty-five and dwells in the
> of nightclubs, drugs and sex?
> Kent Westmoreland
I don't know about novels but that sounds like my (over-extended) adolescence you're talking about :-)
(well, OK, maybe just the highlights).

Mark wrote:

>Sorta related, director John Woo has often claimed >he knows nothing
>about real shooting, everything he knows about gun->handling he learned
>from watching Alain Delon.

Being an Australian, with no hard core criminal connections, no background in law enforcement, armed forces or outlaw motorcycle gangs
& never having lived on a farm, I don't know from guns (in fact, I even thought a pistol WAS a gun) but even to me it's apparent that what happens in Woo films, gun-wise, is highly improbable & not based on reality. I mean, for starters, you have pistols that seem tofire 30 to 50 shots before they need re-loading. On this topic, I recently read something (I think maybe a short story in a Black Mask anthology but I'm not sure) where somebody is described as carrying an automatic with a silencer. As I've just said, I don't know from guns (or pistols) but I thought you couldn't use a silencer on automatics, at least not the automatics available in the 1940's & 1950's. I know there are at least a few people on the list who could clarify that for me.

miker wrote:

>well, alright. I will admit that mel is a hottie. ;-)
>personally, I loved the mad max series he did

Here comes my Mel antipathy to the fore, I can't help myself, honestly, folks - I loved the MAD MAX series (or the first 2 at least) - I think MAD MAX II (aka THE ROAD WARRIOR) is the best film ever made in this Lucky Country I live in. I concede that Mel was very good looking at the time these flix were filmed but honestly, to me he now just looks like any other middle-aged bloke who was once good looking (hello, Kevin Costner). (Of course, as a hetero, middle-aged guy - OUCH!- I realise that my opinion in this matter does not carry any weight with female fans who do think he's still a spunk). To be fair to Mel, I understand that he has a strong desire to do romantic comedy type stuff & I think he has a definite talent for that. I just don't believe him as a tough guy - (or an irresistibly good-looking fella who can successfully woo women less than half his age, unless of course they were aware that he's one of the richest & most popular Hollywood leading men alive)- & not just because he isn't an ex-marine who stormed Pacific beaches in the Big One.


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