From: Jan Long ( janlong821@earthlink.net)
Date: 06 Jun 2002

I just posted a message about A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM earlier today over on Gerald So's CrimeSeen list (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/crimeseen), and now I see the movie's been mentioned by a couple of people here.
(Sorry I'm a bit slow with this - just catching up on e-mail from the past couple of days.) For what it's worth, I'd recommend the book, written by Simon Brett, instead of the movie. The movie completely ignored the wonderfully ironic ending of the book, which made this one of my favorite reads.

Mark Sullivan wrote:
> Add my praise of The Ax. I recently gave a copy to laid off friend.
> However, I waited until she had found a new position before giving it to
> her. I didn't want to be responsible if she decided to follow the all
> too sensible plan.

After reading this message a bit earlier, I dug the book out of the middle of the TBR stack. Have already blown through the first 190 pages, and am loving it. Thanks for the great idea, Mark! (Er, um, by
"great idea," of course I meant reading it....)

Oh, and miker, re your comment on PAYBACK:

> i really don't
> want to buy a book with a picture of mel gibson on
> the cover...

Gee, that's funny. That's the reason I DID buy this one. ;)


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