RARA-AVIS: Second Annual Country Noir Issue Release

From: Anthony Dauer ( anthony.dauer@verizon.net)
Date: 05 Jun 2002


The time has come for another issue of Judas to hit the mean streets of the web.

Several authors have returned with new tales spun: Michael Bracken, Walter Conley, Sally Jane Driscoll, Ray Hartman, Laird Long, Edward C. Lynskey, Stephen D. Rogers, and James R. Winter.

And there are several new faces as well: Rhonda Collins, Adam Doughty, Randy Fox, Glenn Guimond, Cynthia Hendershot, DH Henry, Hugh Lessig, Ken Loomes, Mike MacLean, Vince McGinty, Jim Nelson, C.C. Parker, Roy L. Pickering, Jr., Jefre Schmitz, J.W. Swain, and Paul A. Toth.


Anthony Dauer
Alexandria, Virginia

"...many's the time I tried drinking myself to Bolivia. And nine times out ten I wound up in Cleveland."
--Lawrence Block, "The Devil Knows You're Dead"

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