RARA-AVIS: The late, prolific Ms. Highsmith

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Date: 04 Jun 2002

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 According to The New Yorker, the dead, but nevertheless
 proflific, Ms. Highsmith will have a collection of new
 stories published in October. Title is Nothing that Meets
 the Eye.
 Bill Crider >>

This reminds me of Craig Rice and how for years every mystery digest ran "one of the last stories by the late, great Craig Rice." I've never counted the numerous stories that had that or a similar blurb on stories in the digests I own. I later heard that it was Laurence Janifer aka Larry Harris, who had the Rice style down pat, and could write another "last story" upon the request of an agent. Hmmm. Wonder what Janifer is doing these days?

Richard Moore

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