RE: RARA-AVIS: First lines from Stark's Parker books

From: Christopher Bahn (
Date: 03 Jun 2002

William Denton posted:
> These are all the first lines from the Parker books by Stark. All but one
> opens with the word "when." You folks with the rest, can you check the
> others? I wondered why 11 is different, but maybe some others are too.

He has great first lines, doesn't he? I'll add: SLAYGROUND: "Parker jumped out of the Ford with a gun in one hand and the packet of explosive in the other."

THE SPLIT: "When he didn't get any answer the second time he knocked, Parker kicked the door in."

I don't know the numbers for these either. But "The Handle" isn't #7 - that's "The Split," aka "The Seventh," so called because it's not only the seventh in the series, but it's also Parker's share of that book's heist. I believe "Handle" is actually #8. Not sure though. At any rate, this leaves only the first lines of "Plunder Squad" and "Butcher's Moon," which are the two that go for $150 or more on Ebay and which I therefore don't own.

-chris bahn

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