RARA-AVIS: Passing of a great hardboiled cover artist

From: Rene Ribic ( rribic@optusnet.com.au)
Date: 03 Jun 2002

I've just discovered that the artist, Dennis McLoughlin, has passed away. McLoughlin did almost all the artwork for UK publisher T V Boardman's hardcover & paperback editions of mostly US crime novels
(they seemed to print a particularly large number of Fred Brown & Lionel White books) in the 50's & 60's. His style was very different to the sex'n'sadism style popularised in the US pb's of the time & mimicked all over the world, including the UK. I think of his style as sort of a naive take on Edward Hopper, sort of Rousseau meets Hopper look, if that makes any sense, particularly the pb covers, which I like the best, which are brighter & more striking looking than the generally more sombre hardback covers. His work deserves to be more well known, particularly to fans of the noir/HB who are interested in the artwork of the 1950's & 1960's editions of hardboiled lit. There have been 2 books published about McLoughlin, including one published by Gary Lovisi's Gryphon publications (previously maligned in this forum but I & others think Lovisi/Gryphon are doing a good job - & these new guys doing the Fred Brown project, also, while I'm at it - more strength to their arms!). I haven't read either of these 2 tomes but I do own a couple of dozen Boardman Books featuring McLoughlin's art & most of them are quite beautiful, particularly the paperbacks. While on this topic, I see that there's a paperback & pulp fiction expo coming up in NYC in September this year. This is organised by Lovisi & others, I understand. Rare birds interested in more info should look check out details at: http://www.gryphonbooks.com/News/news.html Although only a minority of guests would be of specific interest to HB/noir fans, I'd love to go. Some of the guests include Maryjane Meaker
(aka Vin Packer) & Walter Popp, a vintage pb artist who DID do lots of fabulous sex'n'sadism hardboiled covers. The late Henry Slesar was to be a guest but passed away recently, as was noted here a little while ago. Thomas M Disch, who hasn't written any HB/noir as far as I know, has written some classic SF & horror - I'm not a big reader of horror fiction but his THE M.D was a wonderful concoction of black humour & pure screaming horror. I think Disch is a tremendously under-rated writer, although he does seem to be enjoying some modicum of critical & commercial success these days. Seeing as I'm veering very off-topic now, this is probably a good place to stop.


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