RARA-AVIS: Fredric Brown and THE PULP JUNGLE...

From: Ron Clinton ( clinton65@att.net)
Date: 02 Jun 2002

This is terrific, exciting news, Bill -- thanks for the heads-up on this one. Hopefully it will not prove to be more ambitious (and sufficiently rewarding financially) than the publishers foresee; I'd love to see all seven volumes, all the mystery/suspense novels and short-stories reprinted as planned.

Also, there's been some discussion about Gruber's THE PULP JUNGLE...I've been meaning to get this for some time but have yet to do so...to those who have read it: worth the time and trouble to track down a copy?

Ron Clinton

From: "Bill Bowers" < BBowers@one.net>
 Also,> >there's about to be released the first of a series of books
> >collecting Brown's mystery novels in omnibus volumes. The
> >first is due out in June and will contain the first four "Ed
> >& Am" novels. Go to http://www.stewartmasters.com for more
> >information, including the ability to order this first book.
> >The site itself is very attractive and full of Brown info and
> >lore.

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