RARA-AVIS: You Play the Red

From: abc@wt.net
Date: 01 Jun 2002

E. R. hagemann has an essay on You Play the Red . . . in Tough Guy Writers of the Thirties. He quotes the reviewer for the New York Herald Tribune Books: "this is a phony, but it's a pretty slick job. . . . After it is all over you feel sort of disgusted with yourself for having strung along with him." Hagemann says, "This is demonstrably incorrect, for Hallas was too good a writer, too much a talented observer, to waste his efforts on such as that."

I enjoyed Richard Moore's post on the market in 1933. For short story writers, the rates haven't really improved that much, as Richard probably knows. And Richard, like me, has recently read the "story" that Hammett sold Ten Story Book. No one who didn't know the author would ever guess it was by Hammett. It's only a paragraph long. If he got $6 for it, he was overpaid. I like the idea, though, that Hammett was first published in a magazine edited by the (and I say this without fear of contradiction) inimitable Harry Stephen Keeler.

Bill Crider

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