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From: Kerry (
Date: 31 May 2002

At 07:25 AM 5/31/02 -0400, you wrote:
>As usual, Kerry was right on.
>>Mythology usually differs...Organizers like Bouchard are older career

Thanks Kevin, but unfortunately I'm just a wee bit off- confusing the name of a past Canadian cabinet minister, leader of the opposition and then premier of Quebec with the leader of the Hells Angels elite Nomad squad, who is, of course, "Mom" Boucher.

Where have I heard that name before? Oooooooh.

>The fact is, the bikers are just like any other organized band of
>criminals. Think of them as the Sopranos, but with a taste for Harleys
>instead of pasta. To dismiss them as merely a bunch of greasy beer-bellied
>thugs terrorizing roadhouses is to turn a blind eye to a very real and
>dangerous criminal threat.

Yes, but the Hells Angels aren't all bikers, no more than the mafia represents all Italians. Most are doctors and lawyers out for weekend rides. Many are a bunch of greasy, beer-bellied thugs now too old to terrorize roadhouses. It's just that the biker world makes a good milieu for criminal activities. Well, what community doesn't, more or less? But it's different, isn't it, to have this criminal activity grow out of an isolated community of interest, as opposed to an isolated ethnic community?

By the way, did anyone notice that a squad of 50 Hells Angels, on bikes, is planned to lead Queen Lizzie's 50th Jubilee parade? To all you Brit rare birds: will this finally do in the monarchy?


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