RARA-AVIS: Re: Biker Wars

From: Kevin Burton Smith ( kvnsmith@thrillingdetective.com)
Date: 31 May 2002

As usual, Kerry was right on.

>Mythology usually differs from practicality at critical points. In Quebec,
>biker muscle is supplied by younger aspirants, frequently in satellite
>clubs affiliated with the Angels. Theoretically they can work their way up
>by performing contract kills ordered by members of the elite Nomad club,
>though the killers themselves are often the victims of pre-ascension snubs.
>Organizers like Bouchard are older career criminals who found a ready
>source of willing soldiers and greens-keepers among the lower ranks from
>which they graduated. As with the majority of "bikers", the motorcycle ages
>into more of a hobby than a daily form of transportation. Eventually,
>public relations becomes an important part of the skill-set for any

The fact is, the bikers are just like any other organized band of criminals. Think of them as the Sopranos, but with a taste for Harleys instead of pasta. To dismiss them as merely a bunch of greasy beer-bellied thugs terrorizing roadhouses is to turn a blind eye to a very real and dangerous criminal threat. Montreal's been rocked by this mob war for years, and it's claimed the lives of close to possibly 200 people so far, many of them innocents (nobody's quite sure, because these guys aren't exactly brain surgeons, and sometimes they hit the wrong targets...)

John Farrow's recent CITY OF ICE has many problems, but he nails the pure evil and yahoo viciousness of these assholes right to the wall. In fact, it's dedicated to the memory of a kid who was killed on his way to play hockey, when he happened to walk by a car that blew up.


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