RARA-AVIS: Reprinting the lost classics

From: Buzz ( BuzzMeeks@attbi.com)
Date: 30 May 2002

I'm just curious what long-out-of-prints books list members would love to see reprinted? Certainly there has to be a bountiful group of deserving candidates. Personally, I'd like to see Elliot Chaze' "Black Wings Has My Angel" and the book "Detour" by Martin Goldsmith. (am I right in assuming this is the book the cult classic flick is based on?) Like Rene said, it would also be nice to see Willeford's "The Black Mass of Brother Springer" re-issued, because although Black Lizard did it in the '80's, it's virtually impossible to find for less than sixty bucks.


> >
> Personally I'm happy whenever a Goodis novel surfaces that hasn't been
> reprinted recently, whether it's one of the better ones or not, if it's
> one I don't already have. My favourite Goodis is STREET OF THE LOST
> which no-one appears to have reprinted in recent times - my copy is an
> Israeli reprint from the 1970's (I think). There are also other books
> I've never seen, e.g. THE WOUNDED & THE SLAIN, which it would be lovely
> to see reprinted. Personally, I applaud Prion's picking up previously
> ignored Goodis titles but I know Al has trouble picking up some of these
> books many of us take for granted (possibly because we already own
> them?). It's not just Goodis but Willeford & Thompson seem to get the
> same books reprinted, over & over, while others are ignored. There are
> several Willeford novels, for example that have never been reprinted,
> reprinted once by Black Lizard in the 80's - & this reprint commands
> high prices in the 2nd hand market today. I have a personal fantasy of
> publishing a lot of these old gems with their original 50's cover
> artwork (although with the authors' names spelt correctly). I believe
> they'd sell, if marketed intelligently using resources such as the web.
> I know we are a minority but all over the planet I think we're a
> significant sized enough minority to make such an idea (modestly)
> profitable should the logistical problems be overcome.
> Rene

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