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Date: 30 May 2002

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>There isn't any age limit on riding a motorcycle, MrT, but there is an age
>limit on paid hand-to-hand combat. The average enlisted military person is
>20 and out; police vary by their retirement plans, but anybody in after 30
>years has been doing deskwork for a while; even golfers and racecar drivers
>are over the hill at 40. Your physical prime is behind you at 40. These
>biker combatants were all in their 50s and 60s.
> I found my early 30s rather depressing. Every birthday, I became
>ineligible for something else: marines, city police, FBI, state police. Not
>that I ever aspired to join, but still--the sound of all those doors

Mythology usually differs from practicality at critical points. In Quebec, biker muscle is supplied by younger aspirants, frequently in satellite clubs affiliated with the Angels. Theoretically they can work their way up by performing contract kills ordered by members of the elite Nomad club, though the killers themselves are often the victims of pre-ascension snubs. Organizers like Bouchard are older career criminals who found a ready source of willing soldiers and greens-keepers among the lower ranks from which they graduated. As with the majority of "bikers", the motorcycle ages into more of a hobby than a daily form of transportation. Eventually, public relations becomes an important part of the skill-set for any organization.


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