RARA-AVIS: Goodis...

From: Ron Clinton ( clinton65@att.net)
Date: 30 May 2002

> Here's a related question. Why are David Goodis's best books (Prion's
> Passage" aside) not reprinted? Why opt for "Of Tender Sin", "The Moon in
> the Gutter" and "The Blonde on the Street Corner", when you could have
> Burglar", "Cassidy's Girl" and "Nightfall?"

Perhaps the UK publisher who is reprinting the first three you mention was wary of reprinting material (the others you later mention) that had already been reprinted back in the '80's by Black Lizard here in the U.S. Granted, they're a bit tough to find these days, but nevertheless they did have a reprint history. The others had not. Personally, I'd love to see every Goodis novel kept in perptual in-print status...

Ron Clinton

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