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Date: 29 May 2002

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>T.J. Parker is one of the best current crime writers. Great
>characters, unusual crimes, complicated and morally
>ambiguous situations, all handled superbly. His novels are
>unforgettable. I sense a stylistic (and even thematic)
>affinity with Robert Stone, another favorite author of

I thought his first 3 (LAGUNA HEAT, PACIFIC BEAT and LITTLE SAIGON) were phenomenal. I like his recurring theme of the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons. And it's clear that TJP has a thing about the emotional and cleansing aspect of submerging oneself in water.

Thought his 4th book, SUMMER OF FEAR, profoundly disappointing. Was his first attempt at 1st person narrative. I later learned via discussion on this list that he was going thru personal upheaval at the time.

TRIGGERMAN'S DANCE was better and IIRC, his first stab at writing in alternating POV.

His next, WHERE SERPENTS LIE, very creepy, and more alternating POV.

Then there were the two Merci Rayborns, BLUE HOUR and RED LIGHT, which I enjoyed enough. But SILENT JOE is easily his best work since his first three. Very moving and original.

Haven't acquired the new Rayborn yet.

John Lau

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