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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 29 May 2002

I did a little online newspaper search and saw that biker gangs have, indeed, resurfaced in the Philadelphia area, mostly in the burbs, but a Pagan leader's tattoo parlor was torched in South Philly and a turncoat was beaten up in the Northeast. I also read that last year Mudman Simon was murdered on Death Row, where he had been living after killing a cop shortly after his release from a long prison sentence, which gives the lie to the commonsense notion that psychopaths burn out and become safe in society in their forties. (The accused murderer was pleading self-defense.)
    The age of these guys is fascinating--fifties and sixties. Even the one from Lancaster who was killed in that Long Island brawl was fifty. Does any crime fiction reflect this reality?
    Articles also noted in passing that Canada has a worse problem and that Scandinavian biker gangs have used rocket launchers.

Joy, amused that _Shape of Snakes_ has pictures

T. Kent Morgan <> noted:
> You don't have to be in Montreal, Boston or Philly to find biker wars; we
> have them right here in the Canadian prairies. Since the Hell's Angels
> to town a couple of years ago and essentially took over the most powerful
> the local biker gangs, there have been several killings and shootings
> involving the Angels, their street gang, the Zig Zag Crew, and their
> wannabees and what's left of another biker gang. Members have been found
> executed, gang locations have been bombed, and a shooting took place on
> longest street in Canada, the TransCanada Highway, i.e., Portage Ave in
> Winnipeg. A couple of weeks ago a Zig Zag Crew drug dealer was found shot
> death on a church grounds just a few minutes from my home. And I live in
> River Heights, long considered to be one of the safest areas of the city.
> Funny, most people don't seem to be concerned.
> Kent Morgan in the murder capital of Canada (per capita) according to some
> stats

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