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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 28 May 2002

Carrie Pruett <> noted:
" Lehane is always having to talk about how Boston is actually a relatively safe, low-crime city just like he has to talk about what a great family he came from, since people are apparently constantly reading "Drink" and assuming that his dad beat him -"

    Hmm, I wonder if readers confuse the author with the protagonist more often with first-person writing.

CP: "No dispute that "Drink" is a gorey book and not for everybody. If you found this one hard to take, in fact it might be the least extreme of all the P&A books. ("Mystic River" is in a different style, with some crime scene gore but relatively little violence)."

    It isn't gory in that sense that it dwells pruriently. But the body count! By the fourth book or so, the population of Boston must be depleted to the extent that the characters can stop complaining about the lack of parking spaces.

Joy, who has _Shape of Snakes_ in the on-deck circle

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