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From: Todd Mason (
Date: 28 May 2002

Where are they now? Good question. Apparently the hassles are (as with the teen gangs) drug-turf related, and thus don't involve shootouts on Broad Street so much as assassinations in the suburban and urban transaction and residential sites. Most amusing (to me) is the bit I picked up somewhere that among the Pagans' allies is the Amish pushers network.

TM (Channels 10 and 29 even better for this kind of thing, though some trickle of the story has appeared not only in the DAILY ABUSE [of course] and the INKY [mildly surprising] but even in the METRO [don't remember if they had to pull it off the AP or not].)

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Todd asked: "Hey, Joy, are you aware of the reported Pagans-Angels turf wars of late around here, at least as publicized by our not-altogether-responsible local 'news' sources?"
No, I'm not. There was an elderly-looking biker who was released from a long prison term and promptly killed a Jersey cop maybe a year or two ago. And there was a melee on Long Island that supposedly included Pennsylvanians. Way back when, there used to be biker fights in Delaware County; it's hard for bikers to appear menacing in the city. Where are they now?

Joy, who supposes she ought to watch more Channel 17 news at 10 but is glad to provide plot material to the writers on the list

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