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Date: 24 May 2002

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> IIRC the John D. book is one of the books of his I read that I
> particularly liked. The Williams book is good but I've read others of
> his I've liked better. I haven't read the particular Keene book, at
> least not under that title, but I've found everything I've read of his
> to be entertaining at least & some of it is first rate stuff (HOME IS
> THE SAILOR comes to mind) so personally I'd put all 3 of those high on
> the to be read pile as I'm a fan of each of those authors.
> (If I haven't already said so, welcome to the list, Al).

Thanks, Rene. I have the same response to Day Keene. This one, "Dead In Bed", features Hawaiin PI, Johnny Aloha (who reappears in "Payola"). It was written in 1959, his prolific year (eight novels, none of which I've read). Keene's "Sleep With The Devil" is one of my top HB novels. "Framed In Guilt", "Joy House", and "To Kiss Or Kill" are up there too. Haven't read
"Home Is The Sailor", but I see a copy lurking on the shelf....

I assumed the Charles Williams was fairly minor. I like his "sea" books a lot. But the land ones I've read aren't bad either.

Al Guthrie

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