RARA-AVIS: highsmith and trevanian

From: Robison Michael R CNIN ( Robison_M@crane.navy.mil)
Date: 24 May 2002

Todd Mason recommended: STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, if you haven't seen that one; the other Ripley novels might do? Always have liked her short stories enormously. ("Always" as in most of my literate life.)


thanks for the recommendation. the wife and i will eat dinner in town, look around at a few shops, and then settle in at borders bookstore's coffee shop for one of the friday evening homespun bands. i know they carry several highsmith books. hopefully
_strangers on a train_ will be one of them.

you mentioned short stories. that is one of my serious deficiencies as a reader... i just don't seem to like short stories. i forced myself to read hem- ingway's, maupassant's, and turgenev's, but it was oftentimes a chore.

since we're on the subject, i bought trevanian's new collection of short stories (i thought it was a novel when i bought it) and since i paid for the darned thing, i at least read the first story. its pretty darned noir, but its not anywhere on par with his earlier novels (shibumi, eiger sanction, loo sanction, summer of katya) as far as entertainment. his last novel, incident at 20 mile, didn't really match his earlier stuff, either.

thanks again, miker

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