Re: RARA-AVIS: poodle springs movie

Date: 22 May 2002


Re your comment below:

> As for Marlowe's age in the movie, this is the sort
> of story that just cries
> out for a "veteran" actor and of course most male
> leads are just getting
> started at 40. I mean, George Clooney and Tom
> Cruise are 40 or thereabouts,
> it would be hard to buy either of them as an "aging"
> Marlowe.

I don't think the "age" thing was crucial to the book, at least not to the part that Chandler wrote. Marlowe was in his early 40s in THE LONG GOODBYE and PLAYBACK, too, but hardly seemed in his dotage in either of those books. Nor was the age difference emhasized when the Marlowe/Loring romance got started
(in THE LONG GOODBYE) because it wasn't that great a difference. Five or six years hardly qualifies as

My point wasn't that Caan wasn't (or Newman wouldn't have been) well cast as an "aging Marlowe," only that the "aging Marlowe" was a conceit of the film, not the book.


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