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From: M Blumenthal ( blumenidiot@21stcentury.net)
Date: 20 May 2002

I noticed there was a discussion about Michael Connelly when I was gone. I managed to read The Concrete Blonde. Of the first three I think it is the best. Even though Bosch is a defendant because he shot an unarmed man in a trial he manages to work on a related case when he doesn't have to be in court. I think his character is more developed than in the first two books though it doesn't have the drive of Black Echo. He is a more mellow character who is no longer haunted by his Viet Nam experience or feeling he is being persecuted by internal affairs. I think the working out of the mystery is well done. Although I haven't yet read The Last Coyote, I know this book prepares for it.

The other book I finished on my trip was Thomas Perry's Death Benefits. I think it is his worst book except for Island. It introduces two characters that are potentially very interesting plus a workable protagonist, but they are wasted. One, an ex-cop who runs a security company, supposedly is very sharp and often has hunches that work, but any idiot such as myself can work out what the situation is well over a hundred pages from the climax, while he and the other two protagonists can't.I'd spoil the book for someone who hasn't read it by writing more. Mark

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