From: Mark Coggins ( coggins@immortalgame.com)
Date: 19 May 2002

I enjoyed the book. I've always preferred the Milo Milodragovitch character over the Sughrue one, and I was glad to see COUNTRY featured him.

The really interesting thing about it, I think, is the very conscious decision on Crumley's part to pay homage to the plot of FAREWELL, MY LOVELY. Like this:

Milo is on a missing persons case when he follows a big man into a bar. The big guy is looking for someone who used to hang out the bar. Turns out the big guy has been in prison and just got out. He busts up the place and then goes into the back office and kills the bar owner with his own gun.

Milo follows a lead to the house of a woman who he gets talking by giving her coke (not booze) and she brings back a photo supposedly of one of the people the big guy is looking for. And so on ...

One twist is that instead of the big guy being white and the bar being for blacks as in FAREWELL, the big guy is black and most of the people in the bar are white.

The whole plot isn't like FAREWELL--just enough to play a big inside joke.


Mark Coggins

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