RARA-AVIS: Re: RARA-AVIS Digest V4 #309

From: marianne.macdonald@lineone.net
Date: 19 May 2002

>> I mentioned the upcoming Bloody Words convention
>> that's here in Toronto
>> next month. Turns out I get to moderate another
>> panel, this year "Music
>> and Murder," something we've talked about a lot on
>> the list so I'll go
>> through the archives.

Well *I* appear to be on a panel called LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY, moderated by somebody called Nigel Tappin.

Long ago and f.......?

I am tempted to explain to everybody that London is the centre of the universe, and therefore very present and very near. Does anybody here know who the moderator, Nigel Tappin, is? Why do I feel that no archives will help me with this topic?

> the most pure sort of
Well, I know I don't know what the m p s o s is; but this one certainly seemed to me to be unusually faithful.

I taped Devil in a Blue Dress last night while I was alseep (wonders of modern consumer technology) and am looking forward to it v much. Big Moseley fan.


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