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From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 19 May 2002

At 10:59 AM 5/19/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Re your comment below:
> > I would love to read a story that featured Hawk as
> > the central
> > character. It could be very interesting if done
> > right.
>When the original SPENSER FOR HIRE TV series went off,
>the replacement was a show entitled A MAN CALLED HAWK,
>with Avery Schreiber continuing sans Robert Urich. I
>never saw it, so I can't comment on whether or not it
>was "done right," but the concept has bee tried, at
>least on television if not in books.

Him Jim,

I recall that show. Never saw it. I loved Avery Brooks in both Spenser: For Hire (which overall was a BAD, eviscerated rendition of Parker's characters), and in Star Trek: Deep Space 9. He is a tremendous actor.

This brings me to the question: for those of you who have seen the A&E movies starring Joe Mantegna, how many of you find Mantegna, although a fine actor, just too "New Yorkey" to be the guy who moved from a boyhood in Wyoming to an office on Boylston in Boston?

I have always thought that Alec Baldwin would make a superb Spenser.


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