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Date: 19 May 2002

At 10:18 AM 5/19/02 -0700, you wrote:
>Re your comment below:
> > As for Hawk, I think he
> > was (also initially)
> > intended to be the dark half of Spenser, the Satan
> > to Spenser's Lucifer,
> > doing the things that Spenser sees need doing, but
> > refuses to do because
> > he's the sort of person Hawk lovingly terms a "boy
> > scout".
>What's the difference between Satan and Lucifer?

"Lucifer" means "shining one" or "bright angel" depending upon what translation you use. "Satan" derives from the Hebrew word "hassatan", meaning "tester" and was first seen in the Biblical book of Job. I intended it as a reference that to the obvious fact that they are more two sides of the same character than two separate characters. Sorry, I guess I wan't clear enough.:)

>There the same entity. Do you perhaps mean St.
>Michael and Lucifer (or Satan if you prefer)?

Reference my last, I chose Lucifer (which is Satan's name before he is cast out of Heaven) and Satan very deliberately.

>Parker has commented at least once that I know of that
>Hawk WAS intended to be the "dark side" of Spenser,
>and that making the character African-American was
>part of that metaphor.

Exactly my point, Jim. And as Spenser's character has become more "human", there is less need for an external manifestation of his dark side.

I would love to read a story that featured Hawk as the central character. It could be very interesting if done right.


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