Re: RARA-AVIS: shooting horses and thieves

From: Michael Robison (
Date: 17 May 2002

bill, talking about _they shoot horses, don't they?_:
> I really liked the book. My copy has the novel (which is short) and the
> screenplay of the 1969 Sydney Pollack adaptation, which starred Michael
> Sarrazin, Jane Fonda, and Gig Young, who's astounding. He gives a
> blistering performance. Highly recommended for anyone on the list. Book
> and movie, both classics about poor desperate people trying to get by and
> failing.

i want to see the movie. we're going to stay out on the boat this weekend and its supposed to rain, so i'm going to stop by blockbuster and see if i can't pick up a few good movies to watch. i've got the following on my short list: touch of evil, double indemnity, they shoot horses, don't they? i've also got my eye on the newer screen adaptation of _the postman_, with jack nicholson and jessica lange in it. i've seen the earlier one, and loved it. its time to give jack and jessica a spin. i'm wanting to see armande assante in i, the jury, but i'm reading the book now, and i don't wanna spoil the ending.

i'm walking thru a number of the older classics right now. as you can probably tell, as recommended by several on the list, i got that 30's and 40's noir collection from terrill out in los angeles, and i just finished up the 30's part with anderson's _thieves like us_. some of the books i like, and some of them i don't.


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