RARA-AVIS: Shitbird

From: Charlie.Williams@pinkroccade.co.uk
Date: 16 May 2002

Recently there was some discussion on the origins of "shitbird". I was re-reading The Killer Inside Me yesterday when I chanced on this passage, Lou Ford telling Dr. John Smith how it is:

"But you don't have me confused. You wouldn't know how to begin. You wouldn't know shit from wild honey, so go back and sign your report that way. Sign it shitbird. And you'd better add a footnote to the effect that the next son-of-a-bitch they send out here is going to get kicked so hard he'll be wearing his asshole for a collar."

So there you go - 1952, Jim Thompson. Anyone go earlier?

And if the above passage doesn't make you want to go and read The Killer Inside Me (again), well I don't know...

Charlie Williams.

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