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From: Jeremy Duns (
Date: 16 May 2002

First, thanks Etienne for all that info on Espionnage.

--- wrote:
> Again, a message didn't get through so I am trying
> my response to Jeremy
> again followed by some information in an earlier
> post that also didn't make
> it.

You mean there were posts that didn't make it? I had over 60 emails in my inbox this morning!

> Aside from making the accusation about Aarons'
> they make the same claim for
> Stephen Marlowe's Chet Drum series. I doubt it and
> have never seen that
> elsewhere. But considering how stupidly money was
> spent by our government on
> intelligence matters, anything is possible.

I have never seen any reference to Chet Drum anywhere at all. Are they in the same vein as Gall, Helm and Durrrell? Are they widely available? Are they any good?
> Jeremy, it seems like Brussels is suddenly crowded
> with Rara-avians now that
> I no longer live on Rue du Mail in Ixelles. Let me
> recommend to you (and
> others who go through Brussels) to the bookstore
> "Polar & Co." at 257
> Chaussee d'inelles, 1050 Brussels which features
> both new and used books,
> primarily crime but some SF.

Richard, I've never heard of this place! I must check it out. All the others you mention I know very well. When did you leave Brussels? The best place I've found so far is Pele Mele, which really makes me wish I read French faster (it takes me ages), but which nevertheless has a fine selection of second-hand thrillers in English - well, it DID have :) . One of my most treasured discoveries there is Richard Sale's The Man Who Raised Hell, also known as For The President's Eyes Only. Sale has been discussed here before, I know, and this novel mentioned in passing. It's simply extraordinary - a spy thriller that combines elements of Chandler and Fleming effortlessly, and which manages to be a lot of fun and also deeply disturbing.

Who else here is in Belgium? Jeremy

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