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Date: 15 May 2002

Again, a message didn't get through so I am trying my response to Jeremy again followed by some information in an earlier post that also didn't make it.

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<< Yes, I've seen this stuff, too. I also read that the fake names of the Watergate guys were taken from Hunt's novels. Funny how cutting James Atlee Phillips is about all this kind of thing, when one would imagine that at least some of the information came from his brother. James' son is, bizarrely enough, famous in his own right as a rock musician, Shawn Phillips (was on the cover of Rolling Stone in the 70s, I think). There's a bit about his fatheron Shawn's website, drawn from an early autobiographical piece, in which he claims the CIA offered him money to paint enemies in a poor light and American agents as fine and noble. He turned them down (clearly), but there is an allegation that Edward Aarons didn't. Apologies if this has already been posted - again, I found out a lot about these writers from perusing this list's archives. Jeremy

Yes, you will find a discussion of Shawn Phillips in the archives. Aside from making the accusation about Aarons' novels, they make the same claim for Stephen Marlowe's Chet Drum series. I doubt it and have never seen that elsewhere. But considering how stupidly money was spent by our government on intelligence matters, anything is possible.

James Atlee Phillips claimed that he never spoke to his brother during the years he wrote those novels. Whether that is a cover story to protect his brother or the truth , I have no way of knowing. As the Philip Atlee novels are often critical of the agency, I can see where he would want to protect him. Brother David later wrote a novel himself as well as a memoir. He left the agency and became its public champion during their difficult years following the Church committee hearings.

Richard Moore >>

Jeremy, it seems like Brussels is suddenly crowded with Rara-avians now that I no longer live on Rue du Mail in Ixelles. Let me recommend to you (and others who go through Brussels) to the bookstore "Polar & Co." at 257 Chaussee d'inelles, 1050 Brussels which features both new and used books, primarily crime but some SF. Most of its stock is French language but it does feature some English language used paperbacks. The hill is damn steep from the tram stop. Some old Gold Medals turn up there now and then.

Also deserving of a look is the English language "The Reading Room," which is primarily new books but does have several shelves of used mysteries. It is at 503 Avenue Georges Henri.

For new books, I'm sure you are already familiar with Waterstone's (71-75 Boulevard Adopphe Max) and Sterling Books at 38 Rue du Fosse Aux Loups. The stock is smaller but I always preferred Sterling because of the friendly staff.

Richard Moore

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