RARA-AVIS: Re:Hunt, Phillips

From: Jeremy Duns ( jeremyduns@yahoo.com)
Date: 15 May 2002

--- Moorich2@aol.com wrote:
> Jeremy, regarding E. Howard Hunt, I generally agree
> with Bill Crider's
> comments. I enjoy but am not wowed by the Steve
> Bentley series he did for
> Dell and others under the Robert Dietrich name.
> Several are enhanced by his
> good use of Washington, DC locations.

I've got a couple of David St John numbers. I'll give them a go.
> Curiously enough, James Atlee Phillips' (better
> known as Philip Atlee)
> brother David is also accused of being involved with
> Kennedy's murder. While
> no expert in the theories, I doubt those claims.
> Both Hunt and David Atlee
> Phillips were deeply involved in the Bay of Pigs.

Yes, I've seen this stuff, too. I also read that the fake names of the Watergate guys were taken from Hunt's novels. Funny how cutting James Atlee Phillips is about all this kind of thing, when one would imagine that at least some of the information came from his brother. James' son is, bizarrely enough, famous in his own right as a rock musician, Shawn Phillips (was on the cover of Rolling Stone in the 70s, I think). There's a bit about his fatheron Shawn's website, drawn from an early autobiographical piece, in which he claims the CIA offered him money to paint enemies in a poor light and American agents as fine and noble. He turned them down (clearly), but there is an allegation that Edward Aarons didn't. Apologies if this has already been posted - again, I found out a lot about these writers from perusing this list's archives. Jeremy

The link is


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