RARA-AVIS: Hunt, JDM, Hayde

From: Moorich2@aol.com
Date: 15 May 2002

A lot to comment on and I hope this post makes it. I am batting about 50% lately.

Jeremy, regarding E. Howard Hunt, I generally agree with Bill Crider's comments. I enjoy but am not wowed by the Steve Bentley series he did for Dell and others under the Robert Dietrich name. Several are enhanced by his good use of Washington, DC locations. Hunt is accused of being involved in the Kennedy assassination. He remained close to the Cuban expat community and that's why they were well-represented at the Watergate break-in.

Curiously enough, James Atlee Phillips' (better known as Philip Atlee) brother David is also accused of being involved with Kennedy's murder. While no expert in the theories, I doubt those claims. Both Hunt and David Atlee Phillips were deeply involved in the Bay of Pigs. And Bill is right that Hunt started out as a serious novelist. The first book I read by him was his first EAST OF FAREWELL (Knopf 1942). A first novel published by Knopf is certainly a hell of a start to a career. His next two, after the war, were from Random House.

I agree with Jim Beaver's rave about Michael Hayde's MY NAME'S FRIDAY. It's the best treatment I've seen on Dragnet. He did a presentation to the Old Time Radio club I belong to and playing bits from the radio shows that demonstrated the evolution of the program quite well. I will put it on my Anthony list.

George, like Crider, you almost can't go wrong with a MacDonald non-series novel. Certainly, THE EXECUTIONERS is a great one. ON THE RUN is another I liked a lot and the short story collection THE END OF THE NIGHT is quite good. As for those you don't have, look for A KEY TO THE SUITE and although not a mystery, I loved THE GIRL, THE GOLD WATCH AND EVERYTHING.

Richard Moore

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